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Environmental investigations for 
soil, water and gas testing in Reading

Environmental investigations

Planning conditions, human health and groundwater protection issues

As with geotechnical investigations, intrusive environmental investigations should also be carried out as soon as possible before construction commences, as depending upon the findings, secondary investigations or remediation may be needed, which may significantly delay the construction timetable. 
If landfills or old quarries lie nearby, gas monitoring may need to be carried out over a long duration, possibly a year or more, where risks are high. However 3 to 6 months are normally required.

Terramech Investigations Ltd, based in Reading, has considerable experience in dealing with environmental health officers regarding planning conditions and potential human health issues, including the Environment agency with respect to groundwater protection issues.
Terramech Investigations Ltd typically operate within the M4 corridor, but often attend sites within a 100 mile radius of the Reading office, and occasionally further afield.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Gas risk assessments and water quality monitoring

Phase 1 environmental reports are desk based, with the exception of a brief walkover survey, and would be commissioned in advance of any intrusive works as it may influence the planning of these works. 
These reports may also help influence and plan geotechnical investigations.
Our environmental engineers and consultants at Terramech Investigations Ltd can provide you with:
  • Phase 1 desk based environmental reports, with a conceptual model which assesses maps and records to define potential contamination issues
  • Phase 2 and 3 environmental investigation and reporting, such as physical investigations, to retrieve samples of soil, water and gases for testing
  • Design and supervision of remedial works
  • Validation inspections, lab testing and closure reports
  • Gas risk assessments and monitoring
  • Water quality assessments and monitoring
Gas risk assessments

For environmental investigations,
 including gas risk assessments and water quality monitoring,
call Terramech Investigations Ltd, Reading on 0118 943 9910 

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